Thursday, 12 Nov 2020

PACIFIC Inter-link Sdn Bhd, distributed 200 free laptops to students of the International Modern Arabic School in Putrajaya.

The Chromebook laptop donation on Nov 12 was part of its CSR initiative.

The company has always believed in giving back to the community and making a difference as well as setting an example for other corporate bodies to do the same, said its regional managing director Fouad Hayel Saeed. He added that the donation was to help students from low-income and marginalised families to overcome challenges during the current pandemic. When online classes were implemented, these students were the most affected. Many of them relied on their smartphones as they did not have access to laptops or PCs to attend online classes. As a result their education has been disrupted. Fouad said that giving the students laptops is to equip them for distance learning during the new normal.

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Mangrove Tree Planting

Saturday, 3 Oct 2020

As part of PIL’s sustainability and CSR initiatives, a large team of PIL employees, led by Mr Fouad Hayel Saeed, the Regional Managing Director undertook mangrove planting at the Kuala Selangor Nature Park.

This initiative is a part of the larger sustainability journey undertaken by PIL. Mr Fouad Hayel Saeed said;

“PIL stands committed to its sustainability commitments and will continue to undertake various activities under a robust Sustainability and CSR programme. PIL being a major player in the Palm Oil sector has already undertaken significant steps in its sustainability journey. It has released its Sustainability Charter, Responsible Palm Oil Policy, Sustainability Dashboard, Sustainability Governance and Procedure. Keeping in line with the industry standard. PIL believes that sustainability will continue to become more and more important in the coming period and PIL will continue to contribute to this journey in a meaningful and responsible manner.”

Mr Sriram Iyer, General Manager of Pacific Interlink highlighted that PIL has formed a sustainability team in Kuala Lumpur to support the robust implementation of our sustainability programme. This team will remain responsible for developing the necessary systems and infrastructure to help PIL achieve its sustainability objectives.

Mr Fouad Hayel Saeed was accompanied by his family and 40 of his employees. Mr Fouad Hayel Saeed and all participated in the planting exercise and ended up planting nearly 300 saplings, with the guidance of the KSNP team. Mr Fouad Hayel Saeed then thanked the team, reiterating the contribution of PIL to sustainability and handed over participation certificates before joining his team to a well-deserved lunch.