Bulk Palm Oil

At the heart of PIL lies the Bulk Palm Oil operations. This operation can be divided into three major areas namely sourcing, refining, trading Logistics (separately covered under Shipping and Logistics) PIL BPO operation enjoys a key differentiation among the large global destination players in its ability to procure and deliver market specific cargos according to the demands of each market.

The sourcing and procurement of Crude Palm Oil ( CPO ) and Palm Derivatives forms the first arm of the triad in the Bulk Palm Oil Operations. This function is handled with lot of care and planning as without a reliable sourcing and procurement system in place, it is not possible to run the BPO Operations smoothly. Read More

Our facilities produce edible oil products from Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO). Both CPO and CPKO are refined, bleached and deodorized and RBDPO is fractionated for human consumption; conforming to the demands of the highest quality parameters according to International Standard Specifications (PORAM/MEOMA) and continuous supply to the customers... Read More
The trading operations represent the second arm of the BPO triad. The trading operation is centrally located in PIL Kuala Lumpur and is manned by senior trading professionals. The traders are well supported by dedicated resources as also documentation and state-of-the- art IT infrastructures.... Read More

PIL has Palm Oil close to the heart. To meet the growing needs of the international markets while tapping fully into available resources of the local Palm Oil Industry, PIL deals in all kinds of Palm Oil and Lauric products. All products sourced, refined and exported by PIL are supplied with the universally accepted PORAM/MEOMA specifications... Read More

PACIFIC OILS & FATS INDUSTRIES SDN BHD (PACOIL) expanded its operation to Bulking Storage Terminal activities with Seventy-Eight calibrated storage tanks with total storage capacity of 225,750 metric tons(MT). Our storage tanks capacities are ranging from 750 upto 7,500 MT per tank and presently having 10 number of export pipelines to jetties and we can load oil in 4 ships at one point of time... Read More