Environmental Outreach: Transplant Tree, Transplant Hope
28 September 2022

Pacific Inter-Link organised an environmental outreach activity with the theme of “Transplant Tree, Transplant Hope”. This event was held at Taman Tugu Nursery, which is a home to 5000 trees consisting of more than 230 indigenous rainforest species.

The ultimate objective of this initiative is to take part and lend hand in the transplanting tree seedlings which would then be taken care in designated nursery prior given a way for free for urban greening projects. The participants actively transplanted tree seedlings which was then given to the care of Free Tree Society (FTS) nursery management.

Besides planting, the participants were also exposed to correct planting techniques to ensure high survival rate of plants. Climate Reality Talk on waste management; composting, water management; rainwater harvesting and climate change were also given to the participants throughout a guided jungle walk of 6.5km.

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Webinar-Recycled & Recyclable Plastics
12 August 2021

A webinar on plastics was organized by the PIL Sustainability Department - Recycled & Recyclable Plastics, in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) Malaysia and participated by the top management of PIL Group. Representatives from our operations in Malaysia, and Indonesia as well as a business partner from Turkey took part in the briefing.

Plastics are widely used by many individuals and businesses for packaging and other uses as it is convenient, cheap, and easy to be sourced. However, we are unaware of the negative impacts that plastics have imposed on the environment. The webinar was aimed to provide a better understanding of the usage of plastics in packaging, ways to minimize and other green options that are currently available for sustainable packaging. The participants were exposed to the alternative of recycled and recyclable plastics that are currently expanding in use. Recycled and recyclable plastics reduce the amount of plastic waste that is being generated and being dumped into the environment. The entire webinar session opened a new door of opportunity for PIL Group to look into the implementation of recycled and recyclable plastics for packaging.

Awareness Event: Climate Change & Sustainability Awareness Week
7-11 December 2020

PIL Sustainability Department conducted a series of briefings in December 2020 with the aim to create awareness of climate change. A total of eight sessions were held over a week in which each session was participated by 10-15 colleagues. The sessions are organized to cater to a small number of participants to ensure better engagement and active involvement.

The ultimate aim of this Awareness Week is to share information on how unfettered economic development and human activity have contributed to climate change. The participants were provided in-depth ideas on the climate change process, the contributors, the effects, and also the potential mitigation initiatives at an individual and organization level to minimize the impacts of climate change. It is crucial for the participants to understand the truth about climate change so that they could reflect on how the simplest activities in our daily routine could contribute to climate change.

To ensure the sessions are interactive, a quiz was held at the end of each session, and gifts were given to all participants.

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Sustainability Training : NDPE, Grievance Mechanism And Other Topics
28-29 March 2019

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PIL’s Sustainability Department recently carried out Sustainability Training for PIL and its sister companies’ senior management and key personnel. The training focused on No Deforestation, No Peat and No Exploitation (NDPE) as well as Grievance Mechanism. The training was carried out with assistance from Proforest, PIL’s appointed sustainability journey partner

There were almost 30 participants and the session was interactive and engaging. Participants were exposed to the challenges in the industry, the need to be sustainable and the commitments made by PIL in its Sustainability Charter and Policy. Throughout the sessions, participants also actively engaged in group activities and role-played some scenarios to understand the possible situations that may arise through grievances.

Mr. Fouad Hayel Saeed, Regional Managing Director officiated the training with his speech and presented the PIL Responsible Palm Oil Policy to General Managers from PIL’s sister companies. These sister companies are part of PIL’s suppliers and the copies of PIL’s Responsible Palm Oil Policy were passed to them for adoption and implementation. The training session indirectly served as supplier engagement within the organization.

The following day, another half-day session was carried out by PIL’s Sustainability Manager with the Management Representatives from all sister companies handling Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification. The training covered RSPO Membership and Responsibilities, Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP) submission and the way forward for PIL and its sister companies in their sustainability journey and governance.

Overall, the training was successful and participants brought back with them knowledge on sustainability mostly on NDPE, grievance mechanism as well as RSPO related matters.

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PIL employees were always considered a family within a family business, however, we lacked a formal program that would act as a platform to engage, educate, and accentuate their involvement in the overall organizational improvement.

PIL has the most diverse workforce with different nationalities, language and cultural background. Through an employee engagement platform we wanted to harness this diversity in a meaningful way and also make PIL a fun work place. This was the purpose of ‘We’ initiative which was conceived, planned and executed by PIL employees to facilitate and enhance the work environment by the exchange of ideas, values, information and expressions.

“Eat Right, Live Right”

PIL chose every Wednesday to be fruits day where the employees are provided with various kind of fruits

This initiative is to ensure the health and wellness of our employees as it is important


We started its journey with 'yoga sessions' in the PIL sports room.DAY

The yoga sessions are held for all employees, with the maintenance of the MCO SOP regulations under a yoga instructor

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